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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Lenny Curry's gas lighting continues

gerund or present participle: gaslighting
  1. manipulate (someone) by psychological means into questioning their own sanity.
    "mayor curry wants people to think he supports our schools, when he really wants them to fail and be replaced by charters. 

Wow what a specific example, and Curry could teach a master class. He thinks if he tells the same lie enough times people will start to believe him.

From Florida Politics,

That extends to the squabble with the School Board over the timing and process on the school tax. We noted that vocal segments of the community doubt his sincerity in finding a solution, despite statements saying just that.
“That’s just nonsense,” Curry said. “I’ve said with great clarity I’ll lead the charge for a 2020 referendum.”
“I’ll bring every political skill, talent, winning strategy … to pass that referendum, if they put together a plan with the clear things that are needed,” Curry said.
He would even work with them on that plan, which would need to address debt service and  priorities.
Curry noted that a plan must include how the money is to be spent, lest the district be left like Manatee County, which he said has a tax but is unable to figure out how to program the funds.
“They’re fighting about where to spend it,” Curry said, noting that plans, including architectural schematics and permitting paths, take a while to come to fruition.
“You can’t spend without a plan,” Curry said. “They can get it right, I’ll work with them, lead the charge. The schools need help, no doubt about it.”
Regarding the precise cut charter schools should get, Curry said “that would have to be negotiated with the people who care about that issue deeply … I do think charter schools should be part of the equation.”
“I believe they’re serious about getting this done,” Curry said. “But why the constant combativeness?”
“I’ve said on the record: Let’s Go! Let’s do this! I’m in!”
Um what the %$#^?!?
He must think the people of Jacksonville are striaght up dumb. He's for it? About charters, he thinks they should be involved  but he doesn't care about the issue?
This was his text last night.

Um he didn't exactly say, charters yeah whatev.
Then he keeps saying they don't have a plan, they do, and haven't answered questions, they have, is he Trumping us, which used to be Goebbeling us, telling the lie often enough it becomes the truth.
Sadly we have a mayor who wants our public schools to fail so they can be replaced by charters. We have a mayor who has abdicated his responsibility to do what he can to bring economic property to our town just so he can satiate his donors and  his hatred of public schools and we have a mayor who thinks if he tells the lie enough times people will start to believe him. Shameful, just shameful.

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