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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Does the entire city serve the Civic Council

In today's paper both the editorial staff and a city councilman showed deference to the Civic Council and it's a little gross.

From the Editorial,

The Times-Union Editorial Board’s support for the sales tax — and for a November election to be held on it — should not be interpreted as blank check. Readers of this page will recall that we blasted the School Board for taking a passive approach toward putting its riverfront administration building for sale. And the Jacksonville Civic Council has raised important questions about the facilities plan that deserve to be fully examined. But nearly everyone agrees that the school system’s buildings are in deplorable shape and deserve to be remodeled, rebuilt or consolidated.

Then this is what incoming councilperson Scott Wilson said

He said the School Board should have more public meetings and go to every every school that would be closed as a result of the district’s master plan. He said the district also should meet more with interested organizations such as the Jacksonville Civic Council.
“I think they should go out and get more buy-in from the community, from the mayor’s office or whoever else they think they need to get buy-in from,” Wilson said.
Ugh, the civic council is a group of rich mostly white and republican men, some of whom don't even live in the city and their opinion should be worth no more than the tens of thousands of teachers and parents who want the tax referendum. Yet here we have the editorial board of the Times Union and the incoming president of the school board bowing and scraping to them.
Friends we aren't being led, we are being ruled.

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