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Monday, June 17, 2019

Governor DeSantis comes out for the DCPS tax referendum

Sort of...

You know it must be wild being a republican, they can take both sides of an issue and be able to rationalize how both their positions which are the opposite of each other are right, and if you are exhausted after reading that sentence you now know how I feel following politics in Florida.

Lenny Curry has said over and over that we shouldn't hold the special tax referendum in November because there may be a low turnout, ironic because a low turn out definitely benefited him as he was reelected with about 13 percent of the vote.   

Then DeSantis comes along and says, no we should have special election for special issues.

From the Florida Phoenix,

Gov. Ron DeSantis on Wednesday defended a new law that will make it more difficult to amend the Florida Constitution through petition drives, and suggested the state might someday stage separate elections on proposed amendments to the Florida Constitution.
During a news conference in Jacksonville, DeSantis suggested staging “stand-alone” elections to vote on citizens’ initiatives, which would reduce the number of decisions confronting voters on election day.
“It would maybe cost a little more money for the state,” the governor said, but “you would be able to probably get a more crisp decision.”
That could drive down voter participation in amendment drives, if historical precedent stands. Special elections traditionally feature lower turnouts. Even off-year elections – when Florida chooses its chief executive – attract fewer voters compared with presidential cycles. The turnout was 63 percent last year, compared to 75 percent in 2016.
DeSantis is even okay with the extra cost, a canard that Curry also complains about especially since the district has already said they would pay for it and if it were to pass it would save millions. 
Look I don't think DeSantis has this position because he is a friend of democracy, no its the opposite and neither is Curry who has the opposite position. They don't care what the people think only what their donors do. I guaranty you that their positions on the issue would change depending on which way they thought the wind was blowing.
Friends, we aren't being led, instead we are being ruled.

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