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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Jason Fischer goes after a reporter for supporting public education

Jason Fischer is without a doubt the worst of the worse. His disdain for public education is a combination of ignorance and campaign contributions as he hasn't met a charter operator he doesn't like. He is so caught up with the privatizers that in his day job he works for the Florida's voucher king John Kirtley and his only legislative accomplishment of note is the millions in extra tax payer money he has funneled to one of his super donors charter schools.

Well when Nate Monroe pointed out the absurdity of the Civic Council wanting the district to use questionable standards to build news schools, Jason Fischer went after him.

I had no idea Jason Fischer was anti-hurricane shelter, lets cross our fingers the big one doesn't come.
Jason Fischer references HB 7055 which among other things does lessen building requirements, but the bill also included a can of caveats which make the changes meaningless.

On a side note HB 2055 is what is called a train bill that the legislature uses to ran through unpopular legislation by attaching it to more popular ones and is representative of what is wrong in Tallahassee.

Another thing that is wrong is Jason Fischer who only represents his donors and see the millions he has steered to his super donor Gary Chartrand's pet charter school the KIPP school as evidence of that.

Friends, my republican friends, he doesn't care about you, all he cares about is cashing those big checks.

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