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Sunday, June 30, 2019

Mayor Curry's wife understands the schools need the referendum, has she asked why her husband is against it?

From ActionNewsJax,

First Lady Molly Curry said she spends a lot of time in local classrooms and said she’s witnessed some of the issues teachers and students face. “I've been to some of these schools where I’ve gone to read through Jax Kids Book Club and I’ve seen where the air isn’t working properly, some of them the schools aren’t kept up to speed, so I’m in favor and supporting and helping these schools get up to speed so everyone is on an equal playing field,”

She seems to really get it there right?

Is this a conversation they are having?

Has she asked her husband why he is against it?

Has Curry told his wife about how his big donors have close ties to charters schools and all the money they have given him? Has she asked about the tweets supporting charters he puts out while fighting against public schools getting the resources they desperately need? Or is she like her husband who is willing to say whatever he thinks sounds good no matter how disingenuous it is?

The bottom line is Mayor Curry is willing to risk economic opportunity and prosperity for the city, while refusing to do what is right for the city's teachers, schools and most importantly children and if his wife doesn't get that, despite her supportive words is complicit. That is the bottom line.   

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