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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Gary Chartrand only wants extra money for his charter school, don't be fooled into thinking his opposition to the referendum is anything else.

In the Times Union today Gary Chartrand said he just wanted things to be fair between public schools and charter schools. Sounds nice right?

Well how is it fair that his charter school annually has received millions extra in tax payer money by politicians he donated too? This year it was Jason Fischer putting an extra two million in the state budget and two years ago they got an extra three quarters of a million from Lenny Curry. Most charter schools get what they get and that is it.

You know Chartrand was on the board of education for 8 years and I don't think its a coincidence that during that time charters got more and more powerful and public schools were starved and bludgeoned with accountability. Do you think that's fair?

You know what, even charter school operators should be outraged by Chartrand. If their schools need money the school board has said they will share based on needs, but I suspect Chartrand wants the referendum to fail, because it will hurt our public schools and his charter school which  already gets millions in public money, extra, courtesy of the politicians he has in his pocket won't be hurt in the least. It's win win for him..

If I were a charter school operator I would tell Gary to shut it.

Chartrand is the villain of the story and he is hoodwinking the city for his selfish goals. 

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