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Saturday, June 22, 2019

Lenny Curry and the civic council are also fighting against economic growth when they fight against the sales tax referendum.

Lenny Curry, his allies on the city council and the civic council aren't just fighting against investing in our schools, they are fighting against economic opportunity and investing in our city as well.

Think about how despicable that is, they want public schools to fail so badly they are willing to go against what should be their core beliefs. 

The referendum will undoubtedly create construction jobs, which will in turn create other jobs as well. Then the belief is housing values will rise and some people who work and spend all their time in Jacksonville but live in the suburbs will return as well and please don't take my word for it.

From the Times Union, 

The Northeast Florida Association of Realtors urged support for the special election, saying improvements in the condition of schools will make Duval County a more desirable place for home-buyers and boost the value of communities within the county...

... The Northeast Florida Association of Realtors says its members are on the front-lines of home-buyers searching for where they will live, and schools are a big part of that choice.
Many families relocating to this area select neighboring counties “rather than send their kids to schools that are unsafe, outdated or in need of major repairs,” association President Jeanne Denton Scheck wrote to council members. 
She said in addition to losing relocating families, Duval County also suffers a loss of community value because sub-par schools have the same impact that a neglected home can have in driving down the value of surrounding homes.
“With so many Duval County schools in need of repair and/or replacement, we are driving down the value of our neighborhoods and our community as a whole,” Scheck wrote. “Realtors don’t just sell houses; we sell communities. Just like the house in disrepair, we can’t sell a community with subpar schools. Our ‘house’ has been neglected for too long.”
So what's the hold up? What's the fight about? It's about some rich donors of Curry and the council who are both pulling their strings and want more charter schools, and everything else be damned. 
That is what it boils down to friends, that is the bottom line. 
This is not how it should be, not even close. 

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