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Monday, June 24, 2019

The Civic Council's pet charter schools already get millions extra. Where will their greed in.

Poor Gary Chartrand, lamented that he just wanted things to be fair between charter schools and public schools in a recent op-ed in the Times Union. Well it seems as if not all charter schools are equal after all because if the charter is affiliated with a member of the civic council they already receive extra, millions extra. 

The civic council loves charter schools but they really love the KIPP School and the Tiger Academy.

John Baker- KIPP Charter

Gary Chartrand- KIPP Charter

Daniel Edelman- KIPP Charter

John Baker, Tiger Academy

Eric Mann, Tiger Academy 

Um, notice all the overlap there?

Well it just so happens that these two charter schools also receive a lot more public money than all the other schools, public and charter alike. 

Representative Fischer and Senator Aaron Bean want to give the KIPP school two million dollars extra and representative Clay Yarbourough wants to give the Tiger academy an extra million. What do these two charters have in common? They were founded by men,  who as members of the civic council regularly give the three legislators campaign money.

The KIPP school was brought to town by Ponte Vedra businessman Gary Chartrand who is one of Jason Fischer's earliest and biggest supporters. The KIPP school is not located in Fischer's district nor is it likely many children living in his district attend the school, but that has not stopped Fischer from funneling millions extra over the years to the KIPP schools. As you can see it is well represented on the Civic Council.

Yarborough at least has the decency to support a charter school in his district. He told WJCT news, Tiger Academy stands out as a high-performing school in an underserved neighborhood.  It's graeds are C, B, C,C, C, D, D. Solid after a slow start but not spectacular. There are numerous other schools in the same area that do just as well if not better. They just aren't sponsored by the Baker family like the Tiger academy is.

They got the money too

So it seems like fair is okay, but making sure their personal charter schools is taken care of is a pretty high priority too.

You know even other charter operators should be outraged by what the civic council is doing, they must be thinking, hey we better get us some politicians too.

Here is another time they raked in a bunch of extra cash too.

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