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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Scott Shine was ridiculously bad while on the school board, why should we expect different with him being on the CRC?

Scott Shine was routinely called out by his fellow board members for not being prepared and one of the reason why was probably because he missed a lot of meetings, though now that I think about it, I guess we should be grateful. The bottom line is this guy shouldn't be anywhere near anything that might influence the city and the fact he is should show us show messed up the system is and how the powers-that-be don't care.

Taken from Facebook

Records Online at 
From April 2017 Missed meetings where votes were taken 
April 27 budget meeting Vote 

May 9 Budget meeting
May 10 Student Expulsion Hearing Vote 
August 23 board development
Sept 6 Board development 
Sept 6 Budget Board Meeting Vote 
October 2 Strategic plan 
October 11 Student Expulsion Hearing Vote 
October 30 Board Development/ Superintendent Search
Nov. 8 Student Expulsion Hearing Vote 
Nov 15 Policy sub committee 
Nov. 21 Agenda review 
Dec 12 Draft agenda review 
Dec 13 Student Expulsion Hearing Vote
January 9 Workshop 
Jan. 17 Policy Sub-committee 
Feb 13 Superintendent Profile and Chapter 2 policy review 
Feb 20 Superintendent Search Services Vote 
Feb 28 Superintendent Search Firm Contract Vote 
March 15 Draft agenda
April 11 Student expulsion Hearing Vote
April 23 budget meeting 
April 26 litigation shade Vote 
April 26 Focus group meetings Superintendent Search 
May 8 Audit Committee / workshop School Safety 
May 8 Superintendent Search Firm Contract Vote 
May 9 Student Expulsion Hearing Vote
May 14 Final Order Vote 
May 15 Agenda Review 
May 16 Superintendent Candidate Interview 
May 17 Superintendent Candidate Interview 
May 18 Superintendent Candidate Interview 
May 23 Policy Handbook Review 
June 11 Joint Planning with City Planning Commission Members
June 12 Budget workshop 
June 19 Draft agenda 
July 10 Medical Marijuana Policy
July 24 Draft agenda and Internal Auditor 
July 24 TRIM notice Hearing (State Statute required) Vote 
July 31 Tentative Millage and Budget (State Statute required) Vote 
*August 7 Regular Board Meeting Vote 
August 14 Workshop School Security 
August 15 Student Expulsion Hearing Vote 
August 21 Draft agenda and select Civil Service Board Vote 
*September 10 Regular Board Meeting Vote
September 11 Workshop financial dashboard 
September 12 Student Expulsion Hearing Vote
September 18 Board Workshop agenda review 
September 19 Policy Subcommittee 
*October 2 Regular Board Meeting Vote 
October 5 Strategic Plan / Board Retreat 
October 16 Draft Agenda 
November 13 Internal Auditor selection 
November 14 Policy Subcommittee 
November 19 Draft Agenda

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