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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Now Mayor Curry and the city council care about tax payer money? WTF!!!!

When I say city council I don't mean them all, several members have offered strong support for the referendum. Brosche, Crescimbine and Love for example.

Mayor Curry and several members of the city council have complained about the cost of a stand alone sales tax referendum that the school board wants to have this November to fund its crumbling schools.

You know Curry didn't worry about tax payer money when he had what was then the Jacksonville Children's Commission change its rules so it could send one of his super donors, Gary Chartrand, charter school an extra three quarters of a million dollar to pay for their longer school day. Nope that was acceptable use of tax payer money.

Furthermore I don't remember when the mayor or anyone on the city council complained when Aaron Bean and Jason Fischer inserted one and two million extra dollars into the state budget for their donors charter schools as well? That was just fine.

Why is it we have so much money that local politicians can give their donors charter schools millions extra but we can't afford to pay for a special referendum, that both the district says it will pay for and will save the district 5 million dollars if it was to pass this November?     

Why are we throwing money hand over fist at charters while starving our public schools?

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