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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Tommy Hazouri sells out the city's schools, children and teachers, @#$% that guy

and this time $#%^ means what you think it means.

AG Gancarski had this on his twitter feed hours after the council dashed most hopes to get the tax referendum on the November ballot,

Overheard after meeting : “Tommy Hazouri threw us under the bus.”

Hazouri threw them under the bus...

Hazouri turned heel tonight and we should have seen the signs for weeks now. He traded an endorsement for Curry so he could be vice chair of the city council and today he threw the school board and the city's children, schools and teachers under the bus and for what? Not for his legacy which will permanently be tainted but so he can sit at the table with the civic council.

He should have been a champion for the referendum, he was on the school board and knows how dire things are, not that he did anything while he was on it except cash a check.

Hazouri represents all that is wrong in the city a mediocre lifetime politician living off the public dole scratching and crawling to be relevant. I have more respect for Mat Schellenberg he at least embraces his disregard for our schools, where Hazouri tries to lay on schwarmy charm before sticking a knife in their back.

For shame, for shame.

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