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Monday, June 24, 2019

Fighting against the referendum has absolutely nothing to do with costs or timing and its time people stopped saying so.

On First Coast Connect today TU reporter Emily Bloch, who is off to an impressive start, was asked about why there is some resistance to the referendum from city council members and she said, some of them think that November is to soon because there will be a small turnout and they are concerned about the cost.

Um, no, no, no, non, no, nooooooo!!!!

These are just talking points because if they said, well our schools failing is okay because we want more charters, wouldn't go over that well.

The City Council could care less about a small turn out as evident by our last city elections when about 25 percent of the city came out (even less for the final election).

Last year they could have said, well when we don't have city elections during the mid terms or presidential years we get a low turnout so we will have our elections in the Fall and just do the changeover in July but that didn't happen because the power structure of the city recognizes that when its not a big national election Jax has a low turnout and that benefits them.

Another reason they want to wait is they know Tallahassee will probably pass another round of awful legislation including mandating tax referendums be shared proportionally with charters rather than based on need, something people like Gary Chartrand are already pushing for.

Furthermore I guarantee you if the mayor thought he could liquidate JEA this fall, here would be a referendum on the ballot.

Then cost, hoo boy, the district has said they would already pay for the referendum and if it were to pass they would save five million. Isn't it good practice to spend a million to save five? Or course it is.

No, the referendum has nothing to do with timing or cost, but it has to do with money and that's charters want a bigger share of the pot and they are willing to risk the health and the future of the city to get it and that is straight up shameful.  

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