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Saturday, June 29, 2019

DCPS staff disrespected by Mayor Curry and the City Council

As I see it DCPS has two really big issues. First its crumbling infrastructure which it has tried to address through the sales tax referendum, but just as big is its economic issues for its staff. DCPS already has about 400 openings and without a doubt one of the reasons it has trouble attracting and keeping staff is the pay.  Florida ranks in the high forties when it comes to teacher pay but lets not forget many of our clerical staff and para professionals don't receive a living wage.

Does anybody else see the irony of Mayor Curry and the city council working out of a basically brand new city hall, paid for with a half cent sales tax fighting against a half cent sales tax so the schools teachers work in can be repaired? Anyone? Why can't teachers get the same resources as the political class or are nice things only for them?

It's insulting what the mayor and city council are doing to the teaches and children of the district, straight up insulting.

Why is he doing it? Well as seen by recent tweets, Curry loves charter schools, and loves them to the point he is willing to let public schools be less safe and crumble.

DCPS is the second biggest employer after the navy in Jacksonville with 14,000 staff members. That's 14,000 families that Curry has snubbed his nose at, who he is told don't matter.

Finally I want to say there are members on the city council fighting for the referendum and their support is appreciated, sadly however there are more than a few who don't seem to care.

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