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Friday, June 14, 2019

%$#& Tommy Hazouri, %$#& that guy!

%$#& means get him a kitten or something so he can relax and maybe remember his roots.

I guess in his desire to confirm his republican bonafides, Hazzouri went after the school board.

From the Times Union,

 City Council member Tommy Hazouri, who is chairman of the Rules Committee, reiterated his support for the referendum and said the school district “has a great plan.” But he questioned why the School Board wants to have a special election in November rather than in 2020.
“Why the rush today for November?” Hazouri said. “Why not change the date of the referendum?”
Well Tommy one of the reasons they want to do the referendum sooner rather than latter, other than it is desperately needed is because during your mediocre 8 years on the school board you did nothing to address the problem.
Then a few days earlier he also said this, also from the Times Union,
City Council member Tommy Hazouri, who is a supporter of putting the referendum on the ballot, chastised the board for getting copies of the master plan to City Council so close to the start of the council meeting. He said it would have been better for council members to have a few days to read the report before the public hearing.
“Shame on the district for doing it that way,” Hazouri said.
He chastised the board? What about the city attorney who made a ridiculous ruling that put the board in this position? What about the mayor who supports charter schools over public schools to the point he is wiling to let public schools fail? What about himself, who did next to nothing while being on the SB for 8 years. This republican in democrats clothing represents all that is wrong with local politicians, a man filled with hubris, and desperate to try and remain relevant.
I also want to remind you the board should be under no obligation to give the council anything. The board does not work for the council. It's a ridiculously bad and in my opinion corrupt ruling which has them here with their hat in the hand and Hazzouri better than most should know that. Instead of acknowledging that he has instead decided to adhere his nose to Curry's posterior.  
He should shut his mouth and do whats right. Nothing else is required.
%$#& Tommy Hazouri,  %$#& that guy!

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  1. Hazouri helped expand the HRO to include LGBTQ. He said he is supporting the referendum. As you said the city's attorney screwed us by their ridiculous ruling AND the GOP state legislators screwed us by passing HB 5 so the referendum can't be put on the March 2020 ballot. Please give Hazouri a little slack. He is just asking questions. The schools that are in poor districts are in the worst shape, yes? My guess is that the representatives that are representing those districts are hoping the rich and powerful won't screw them. I can understand why they'd want to see the plan.