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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

As Florida records a record amount of deaths, Greene sends teachers back to buildings.

Yesterday Florida had it's a record amount of deaths as Superintendent Greene unveiled her new plan, which doubled down on in-school learning.

From the Hill, 

Florida reported 132 new coronavirus-related deaths on Tuesday, breaking the state’s record for the highest single-day death toll.  

 The new reported fatalities bring Florida’s seven-day average to 81 per day, according to The Associated Press, more than doubling the figure the state set two weeks ago and making Florida's average the second-highest in the U.S. behind Texas, according to AP.

Deaths often lag week behind cases, and with Florida averaging over ten thousand cases a day for the last week, sadly, I don't think this will be the last time we set a record.

So that happened as Greene unveiled her new plan.

From the Times Union,

Duval Schools’ back-to-school plan was overhauled following new orders from the department of education and overwhelming feedback — which was largely critical — from stakeholders including parents and teachers.
Superintendent Diana Greene presented a new plan at a school board workshop meeting Tuesday morning.
The latest plan features a full-time distance learning option for all grade levels without students having to un-enroll from their current school, a new mask requirement in classrooms and a plan to offer five-days-per-week of in-person schooling — but only for those who want it.
Unlike the district’s previous version, the new plan features a full-time distance learning option (Duval HomeRoom) for all grade levels, allowing students to stay enrolled in their current school.
Previously certain grades didn’t have a Duval HomeRoom option which meant students attending magnet schools or participating in International Baccalaureate programs risked losing their seat if they didn’t feel comfortable attending school in-person.
Let me say I have had my issues with the Times Union in the past, but if you haven't subscribed, you really should.
So the new plan had two basic changes, now all grades can do Duval homeroom, and after Labour Day, there will be a five-day in-school option.  
Here is a link to the plan.
I was very disappointed hearing it, I think a safer, better and much easier plan, would be to start in Duval Homeroom. They admitted over and over yesterday that they know people will get sick, and schools will close. Which means we will have risked lives for what?
We are in the middle of a pandemic, people are dying and getting sick in record numbers, and the district has a viable option that keeps people safe and has chosen to ignore it. They, as of now, say risking lives is the better alternative.
If our leaders aren't concerned about our lives and the lives of our families, then they no longer deserve to lead.  

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