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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

If the choice to risk your child and teacher's lives is okay then everything is off the table.

It's all about choice, sorry, giving families choice, teachers and staff not so much, but as long as families have the choice to risk their children and their teachers lives it is okay, everything is fine. Well, it made me think about all the things that people couldn't bring to school before, the choice to risk lives became in vogue. If death is a serious possibility it makes a t-shirt with a beer can on it seem kind of mundane.

Anybody remember when they said we couldn't bring cupcakes for a while? I mean I still did but I definitely remember being told not to.

Then there are the obvious, guns, ammunition, knives, other weapons, cigarettes, and drugs, but what about some of the less obvious things. So I googled some lists.

Before I continue I want to apologize to Micheal who in 2002 I sent to the office for bringing a screwdriver to class. Friend I hope wherever you are you are well, and I wanted to say since nothing no longer matters, you were just ahead of your time. 

  • chewing gum
  • fizzy drinks including high energy drinks
  • glass bottles including perfume bottles
  • jewelry except for a watch and one pair of plain stud earrings worn in the earlobes
  • aerosol cans including deodorants
  • correction fluid
  • permanent marker pens
  • unnecessary money
  • expensive items
  • Cigarettes, matches and lighters
  • fireworks or "snaps" containing gunpowder
  • e-cigarettes, shisha pens or liquids for these
  • any items which are illegal to possess or carry, or inappropriate for the age of the child or the school environment

Light it up kids, smoke them if you got them.


Pets and other animals are not to be brought onto school grounds at any time. Animals are permitted at school only when needed for instructional purposes and when under the strict control of qualified instructors or handlers.

Toys, Games, Etc.

Students are not allowed to bring toys to school as it is a distraction to learning and often results in lost or broken toys. This includes trading cards, marbles, Tazos/Pogs, stuffed animals and dolls. The school provides sufficient items for children to play with for both outdoor and indoor recess. IPods, Game Boys, Tamagotchi's or any other type electronic entertainment devices are not permitted on school grounds. Theft or loss of such items will not be investigated by school personnel. Neither the school nor the district will be held liable for any damage or loss incurred. Please note that the above items are also not allowed in the PrimeTime program.
Animals?!? I may need an emotional support menagerie by the time this is over.
Aerosol cans, gum, cell phone, golf clubs, baseball bats, hats (see dress code), sunflower seeds, balloons, makeup/nail polish, video tapes/DVD's, matches/lighters, bandannas, perfumes/colognes, cameras, pocket knives, candy, MP3 players/I-Pods, poppers, sodas, drug/paraphernalia, weapons/replicas, over-the-counter medication, electronic games, radios, roller skates/Heelys, toy guns, flyers (unrelated to a school sponsored activity), and stink bombs should NOT be brought to school. Individuals are cautioned not to bring money (other than lunch money) or other valuables onto school grounds
Hats, hahahhaha, remember when taking off hats inside was a thing? Oh boy, we have come a long way from those days.

Then what about tank tops, bra straps, short shorts, halter tops, short shirts, bandannas or baggy pants with exposed boxers, and that shirt with the beer can or marijuana leaf?
Friends, I say if death is a possibility, go out comfortably.

I saw another list that had crossbows on it to which I say, keep your crossbows at home, absolutely no crossbows.
I could go on but my daily dose of depression has caught up with me earlier than usual. 
My point is, if the possibility of serious illness or death, for students, staff and family do not matter, then nothing matters. Nothing at all. 

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