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Saturday, July 27, 2019

City Hall is gross, former officials try and strong arm the district

I am just going to get to the great reporting, from the Times Union,

Sam Mousa, who retired as Curry’s chief administrative officer last month, and Tim Baker, the lead consultant for both of Curry’s election campaigns, met with the school board’s Chairwoman Lori Hershey to discuss ways the influential duo could help overcome the daunting political challenges the school board faces at City Hall.
Their services would be wide ranging, according to a written proposal Mousa later sent Hershey.
The group would create a prioritized list of projects that would be funded by the tax — critics of the plan have said the school’s existing list isn’t detailed enough — and present it to the City Council. The group would also provide “one-on-one advocacy” of the referendum with City Council members, civic groups and “other elected officials” in order to get it placed on the ballot.
The proposed contract, which the Times-Union obtained a copy of, would be worth as much as $450,000.
The words extortion and blackmail come to mind.
Um doesn't the city have rules about former government officials lobbying the government? 
Sigh this is gross no matter how you slice it.
This is beyond the referendum now. This has evolved into what kind of city do we want to live in. One where we throw decency out the window and bow down to the whims of a small group of businessmen who have purchased a cadre of city officials. One where we have a king instead of a mayor. One where former government officials try and extort hundreds of thousands of dollars from the school system.  You know the city we live in now, or do we want to live in a city that is better.
The school board started out fighting for our schools, now they are fighting for the soul of the city. 

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