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Sunday, July 28, 2019

The stunning tone deafness of Rory Diamond

On Facebook Mr. Diamond posted that he was very disappointed the federal government was interfering with a project for veterans. Um does that sound familiar to anyone? Diamond is holding up our schools that have serious needs from being fixed. He is standing in the way of children getting what they deserve and need. Hypocrisy level 10

Disabled veterans suffering from PTSD. Most importantly, these dogs are helping keep our heroes alive. Yet, each year we go and meet with the House Veterans Affairs Committee staff and each year they find a new way to say “No.” This past week, we sat down with the Majority and Minority staff and, again, they said “No.” No to Service Dogs for veterans with PTSD. No to our mountain of evidence that these dogs are saving lives. Instead, they told us to wait, wait, wait. Wait until 2020 or 2021 until after the VA completes a study to tell us what we already know. The VA has spent tens of millions of dollars and over ten years “studying” what one of the 550 K9s For Warriors graduates can tell you (and our rigorous and privately funded, peer-reviewed hard science studies) in ten seconds—the dogs work. We can’t afford to wait any longer, we are losing at least 20 veterans a day to suicide. Please ask your member of Congress to support the PAWS Act HB 3103. And, a huge thank your to Congressman John Rutherford, Gil Cisneros, and Michael Waltz for not giving up on our American heroes. PLEASE SHARE! Let’s work together to MAKE our government work for our veterans. PLEASE SHARE far and wide.
He wrote the House Veterans affair committee keeps finding a way to say no, why that sounds familiar as well and Diamonds is one of the worst as he asked dozens of questions that he could have found the answers to on-line in an attempt to derail the special referendum. 
Wait, he tells our children and schools, wait wait wait. Well our schools can't wait any longer either.

You know his project may be a great one, but the tone deafness of this guy is deafening.

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  1. Instead of building a wall, they could use the money for research on all kinds of mental health options. In this article Trump says he needs the wall to stop drug trafficking. But if no one buys the drugs, then the drugs will stop being imported.

    Quote from this article:
    Trump announced that he would act to unilaterally spend billions on a wall. .... Groups sued to stop Mr. Trump’s plan to use money meant for military programs to build barriers along the border