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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Whatever happened to the Hazouri rule?

When Hazouri was on the school board he brought up rule from time to time. Not a rule in the books but a rule he had to promote collegiality on the board.

If there was a district specific issue he would support that districts representative regardless of his feelings. The thought being they were elected to represent the people of that district and they would know best. Well he has thrown that noble notion out with the bathwater as he has done all he can to usurp the school boards authority. Hey Tommy they were elected to take care of our schools, not you and the board.

He knows better than most the issues that DCPS has as a former board member and he also knows what is happening with the city  is plain wrong but rather than do what is right and defer to the duly elected school board he has joined the city and their efforts to usurp their authority. He know that's wrong but it hasn't stopped him.

He says he wants the referendum to pass, I don't believe him.

He says they are almost there too, and I don't believe that either.

What I do believe is Hazouri has traded his values for one last go around. Maybe that's good for him but it turns out it has been terrible for the city.

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1 comment:

  1. Can't wait to see Act III of this bad 3rd grade play next year. Nate should call it The Charter School Shakedown.

    Pete Rummel needs to hurry up & stroke that $1B check for the school board building. He can turn it into a water park for his yuppie tenants.