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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

What did Curry know and when did he know it?

Two of Lenny Curry's top lieutenants Sam Mousa and Tim Baker attempted to extort  get 450k from the district in a give us whatever we want or the tax referendum will never pass scheme. It is inconceivable to me that Lenny Curry did not know of this plot and since it started while Mousa was still a city employee I imagine he helped to facilitate it as well.

David Bauerlein, TU reporter had a great quote about the proposal too.

That's what is so insidious about the proposal, it was an offer to help get nothing they wanted. The school board wants the referendum on the ballot in 2019, they don't want to give charter schools 150 -250 million dollars.

Mousa from all accounts is a smart gt too he, knew this but that didn't stop him from making the offer anyways and nearly half million for him and Baker well that's just gravy on top.

The school district would not have benefited from this arrangement but Curry's super donors sure would.

A mayor elected with just 15 percent of the vote, while being misleading about the privatization of a local utility, who then fought against what every other mayor in the country, a referendum to help the city's schools, would fight for on behalf of his donors, while two of his top lieutenants tried to extort the school district out of nearly a half million while offering them things they did not want. This sounds more like the plot of a political thriller but instead it's not, this is us, this is Jacksonville.

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