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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Lenny Curry retweets Brenda Priestly Jackson's ageist tweets

Well Jacksonville is this what you expected?

Jake Goldbold wrote a scathing op ed about the majority of the city councils decision to usurp the school boards authority and quite frankly sell out the city's schools and children.

Brenda Priestly Jackson took umbrage and rather than disputing Goldbold's points made a crack that because of his age he was losing his faculties and Lenny Curry retweeted it. Welcome to Jacksonville.

Priestly Jackson is dreadful but quite frankly she was dreadful when she was on the school board as well.

Well Jacksonville is this what you were hoping for when less than a quarter of the city showed up to vote?

1 comment:

  1. Both were just turrible. Her questions looked like busy work a sub might assign you while the regular teacher is out sick. They're also proof why we need to get this sales tax on the ballot. Public education has clearly failed her.
    BPJ loves to play the disrespect card because she's either lying or too dumb to know when she's being played by Lenny Curry. Either way it's not good. I'm sure all of them made deals with Lenny & charter school donors to obstruct this process til the school board agrees to their demands. I mean how else could you explain such inane questions. A team of 3rd graders could've asked more relevant ones...smh