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Saturday, July 6, 2019

Lenny Curry, no plan for the landing, no plan for the jail but the school board better have a plan that I approve of or else.

Have we ever had a more feckless or corrupt mayor? I am a far left democrat but I didn't vote for him in the primary in 2015 because I thought he was pretty meh, but Curry makes him seem like a statesman. 

Lenny Curry has been demanding a plan from the school board before he will help agree to the sales tax referendum. This despite the fact he was not elected to run our schools, and they have had a plan for months. 

This while he had the city spend 18 million dollars to buy the landing so he can demolish it with nothing in the Que to replace it.  Nothing, no community meetings, no public input, and no plan, or you know the exact opposite of what the school board and superintendent have done.  

Now there is the jail, God save us he wants to move the jail out of down town.

From the Times Union,  

Construction of two new fire stations, building improvements for the Florida Theatre, a second payment toward upgrades at UF Health Jacksonville, and money to create a plan for countering the “generational” impact of sea-level rise are among the spending items in a draft capital improvement program for Jacksonville.
Here’s what’s not in the draft plan: construction of a new jail.
Mayor Lenny Curry said last December he wants to relocate the county jail out of downtown, but the draft version of the five-year plan through 2024 does not show any money for building a new jail, which would cost several hundred million dollars.
This is the thing, Curry will tell the people of Jacksonville whatever he thinks sounds good even if it isn't true.  DCPS doesn't have a plan, they do. DCPS hasn't involved the community, they have. DCPS won't answer his questions, they have over and over again. Or he won't say anything, plan about the Landing, crickets, plan about the jail, crickets again as he hopes you are to busy listening to his lies.

He is fighting against the referendum because he would rather see our schools fail  than succeed, and he is willing to wish the economic future of the city for it to happen. 

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