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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Lenny Curry attempts to bully and intimidate the school board chair

We are at a low point in city politics. We aren't being led by Lenny Curry we are bring ruled by him on behalf of his super donors. The little king isn't above trying to bully and intimidate either.

I mean how dare the school board chair thank the two members of the council who have stood up and supported our public schools!!!

Um, and is he talking to the city council or the civic council, I ask because the city council are more like his lackeys, rather than colleagues.

There no other interpretation of Curry's tweet, he thinks pointing out Board Chair Hershey's appreciation is something to be chided and ridiculed, and should have ramifications.

I hope she uses this as a wake up call. The board is not having a gentile policy debate with the mayor and the city council. It's a knife fight with the future of our schools on the line.


  1. If you think that's bad you should see him target private citizens by tagging their employers on twitter thus threatening their livelihoods. He did that to some lady who works for/with FL Blue last nite. When Nate Monroe called him out on it Lenny just shrugged his shoulders. Just more proof that Lenny can dish it out but he can't take it.

    If the School Board thinks they have a better shot at 2020 than they do right now they are self delusional. It's clear by their actions Lenny & Co. will only agree to a charter schools sales tax referendum that will be virtually unrecognizable to its current form.
    A sales tax in 2019 will have an immensely better chance of passing than it will in 2020. All those voters will see in a national election is the word 'tax' no matter how much $$ is spent on 'educating' the electorate. How many people are gonna come out in November of this year to vote against something? Not as many that are in favor of it.

    The good faith approach has failed. It's time to take this to court.

    1. Completely agreed. Councilman Dennis is pursuing legal action.