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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Scott Wilson City Council President aww shucks leadership is wearing thin.

Scott Wilson a few days ago, 

From the Times Union, 

• On the sales tax referendum, he admits he knows little about the school system. At a neighborhood meeting, there was a clear lack of information on the subject.
“Everyone I have talked to among business leaders agrees that they need the money,” he said.
Though one poll shows support, Wilson is convinced the referendum would not pass this year.
Wilson says the community needs a lot more information, so he doesn’t support a referendum this fall. 
“I just think there needs to be more public participation,” he said. “We should hold hearings on the schools they’re talking about closing. People should really understand this plan before they vote on it.”
He also wondered about the school district’s plans on their riverfront administration building. The School Board has been passive about moving off the river.
“All of this should be part of the equation,” he said.
Oy vey, all the people he has spoken to, you know Curry, Chartrand, Baker. Okay deep breaths.
This from the Times Union yesterday,
Wilson said if the discussion is about a referendum in November 2020, there would be time for City Council members to dig into the School Board’s plan for using a half-cent sales tax lasting 15 years.
“For me, since day one, I’ve said that the schools definitely need additional dollars,” Wilson said. “I’ve never wavered from that. I have had concerns about how much or what projects or what schools.”
Um has he been on board since day 1? How many times since Wilson got to city hall has he said schools need more money, any? 
But now this man who admitted just a few days ago he didn't really no much about the school system and as a member of the city council why would he (sic) has concerns about how much or what schools. Oh for &$#s sake! It's insulting that he thinks we are that dumb.
I hope we all understand Wilson is just making it up as he goes along while trying to serve his masters on the Civic Council. We deserve much better than Scott Wilson and it's going to be a long year if his first 12 days are any example of what we can expect.
Oh and Scott the school board doesn't work for you, why don't you do your job and let them do theirs.

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