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Monday, July 1, 2019

What does the civic council care about? Apparently nothing but taking over our schools.

This is how the Civic Council bills themselves: The Jacksonville Civic Council seeks to shape and define Jacksonville’s future as a premier national and international city with a thriving economy, vibrant civic, cultural and educational institutions, and a high quality of life for all who call it home. By formulating fact-based strategies to address the challenges that others are unwilling or unable to address, we aim to meet the needs of today and build a future marked by prosperity and success.

Okay, I could see education being part of that. but I could also see so many more things, like blight, downtown development, the landing, the sports and entertainment complex, public transportation and the list goes on and on.

Here is a list of committees they say they have,

Civic Council Committees and Task Force Chairs:

Timothy Cost, Jacksonville University, Strategic Planning Committee

Gary Chartrand, Acosta, Education Task Force

Daniel Edelman, Dixon Hughes Goodman, Finance Committee

Steve Halverson, Haskell, and Co-Chair Pension Task Force

Kevin Hyde, Foley and Lardner, UF Health Task Force

Rusty Newton, Timucuan Asset Management, Co-Chair Membership Committee

Peter Rummell, Rummell-Munz, Co-Chair Pension Task Force

Cindy Stover, TD Bank, Co-Chair Membership Committee

Okay, they present themselves as having a lot going on, but when is the last time you heard a peep out of them for anything besides education.

Last year, they demanded to be part of the process to pick the superintendent

Then we all know how they have fought against the referendum

But that is it, they haven't cared about anything else for years.

From the Jaxson,

The Landing isn’t the only issue the Civic Council sat out on this year. They also stayed on the sidelines as the city considered a convention center at the old Courthouse site, although they suggested their own plans for a convention center in the same space back in 2011.
By staying silent on important issues, the Civic Council hurts its standing as an independent voice for addressing major challenges. It certainly damages their claim to be non-partisan if they lambaste plans by a Democratic mayor but give a free pass when a Republican’s in office. Silence also hurts their credibility when they do weigh in on issues like the school district master plan - if they’re worried about taxpayer dollars, why only when they’re going to public schools?
It’s a pity. Jacksonville benefits when community leaders come together to face serious challenges. The city is in a better place because of the Civic Council’s advocacy and leadership on important issues like the Human Rights Ordinance. It’ll be in a worse place if even the people dedicated to addressing tough challenges decide to sit on the sidelines except when it’s expedient.
Two things, this was an excellent article that everyone should read, and they haven't cared about anything for years except for the takeover of our schools.
If they cared about our city they would be fighting for the referendum because it would do so much good for the entire city, not just it's schools, but they aren't and this tells me it's all about control and money, more for them at the expense of the rest of us.
We deserve better than the Civic Council.  

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