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Thursday, July 4, 2019

KIPP spends almost double what DCPS spends per pupil, and it's owners and Mayor Curry want to give them more

According to great schools here is the enrollment of the KIPP schools.

KIPP Jacksonville k-8 310
KIPP Impact   779

Their budget for the upcoming school year is 14,662,175 bucks.

Which would mean they spend 13,445 per student or you know almost twice what is spent on a DCPS student

Say great schools if off by 351 kids and they really have 1,440 which their expansion a few years back said they could expand to, then they still spend a little over ten thousand.

How accurate are my numbers? My bet is they are off some, not a lot, but some. KIPP has traditionally spent about a half more per student and my numbers above indicate it may be even more than that.

This year alone they received 2,631,000 extra in tax payer money. While public schools have been starved. Why do only the kids at KIPP matter to Lenny Curry, Gary Chartrand and the civic Council?

I think KIPP does a mediocre job with the resources it has and any public school given its resources would far exceed what it does, but what is really infuriating, is the civic council despite KIPP spending almost double per pupil is fighting to get it even more at the expense of the vast majority of children whose schools have been neglected and who really need it. Then throw in a Mayor and City council who are more willing to do the bidding of their donors rather than doing what is right by their constituents. That's pretty bad too. 

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