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Monday, July 29, 2019

You too can get blocked from Scott Wilson's Facebook page. (draft)

After explaining how school districts work and answering some of his already answered questions, City Council president Scott Wilson blocked me on Facebook. So I thought if you too wanted to be blocked I would give you some suggestions how and here is the thing toy don't have to rude either, just using facts, evidence and appealing for decency should do it.

I would start by pointing out to him that the school board does not work for the city council, and just because a corrupt or incompetent junior lawyer working on behalf of the mayor and the civic council opened the door, it didn't mean that he had to go through it.

You could talk about all the important issues on the City Council's plate, Coastline drive, the murder rate, the Landing, Firehouse number 5, that have had zero public input.

If you wanted to you could mention his relationships to pro charter donors. Now I don't think Wilson has been bought off. I think his disdain for public schools is in his DNA but it's always fun to mention who he takes money from and how their interests more than the city's are served by his actions.

You could answer his questions or explain how google works so he can get the answers himself. If he was just following the story in the Times Union, or would go to the DCPS site most of the answers are there. Throw in asking why he hasn't, that might get you blocked.

How about pointing out how old our schools are and how much they need and how it would help children. On second thought don't bother he's not moved by facts, evidence or decency.

Then you could explain about charters, how dozens have failed in Duval and hundreds across the state. That they aren't the end all be all that their supporters claim that they are.

Yep any of those should do it.

What Scott Wilson is doing is reprehensible and I urge you to tell him, just know you may only be able to do it once.

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  1. I tell all the council people that read this: "Charter Schools do not have a Chris Guerrieri problem." Thank you again for helping to make Jacksonville the Charter School Capitol of the US. :-) love your work.

  2. Hahahaha, Scott (or is this Nick or Rory, all you beach kids are cut from the same cloth) it has nothing to do with me, you know Jax plays by the golden rule, he who has the gold makes the rules. Well whoever you are let Scott know I did a public records request for everything about the camera he hid in his office to record staff. Creepy!