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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Gary Chartrand says not giving hundreds of millions to charter schools is discriminatory, wow this guy.

This guy, oy vey.

I want to remind you all that Gary Chartrand is a millionaire who doesn't live in Jacksonville who sent his children to an exclusive and expensive private schools, who not only never taught a day in his life but is owed over three million by the KIPP charter school. Then after giving truckloads of money to the mayor and most of the city council is fighting with his conspirators on the civic council against the tax referendum which would repair and upgrade our schools and that would finally keep some of the decades old promises to our communities of color.

This guy thinks the school board not giving into his allies attempting to extort hundreds of millions from schools that desperately need it, is discriminatory.

This guy,

Gary Chartrand Scott, thank you for doing your job with integrity . Name calling by former mayor Godbold is childish and unhelpful. The master plan is full of holes . I would be happy to explain it to him. It’s too expensive, its not realistic on student enrollment projections and it is discriminatory against students that choose a PUBLIC charter. This plan can be tweaked and passed if the DCSB would collaborate .

Maybe he should leave his mansion in St. Johns county move to Duval and run for the school board, though I guess he thinks its just easier to buy a mayor and a handful of city council members.

Does anybody see how tone deaf and obsessed this guy. He is saying 113 thousand public school kids can't get what they need so 16 thousand charter school kids can get more.

They already get huge tax incentives, PECO money, grants and his school gets millions more but its not enough, it will never be enough. His greed knows no ends.

In Video games you fight a lot of little foes and bosses before you come to the big bad, the ultimate villain in the game. Well in the tax referendum story is written there will be plenty of villains, most of the city council, Lenny Curry, Sam Mousa and Tim Baker among others but without a doubt Gary Chartrand is the big villain of the story.

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