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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The Pandora's box the city council opened.

I am not sure if many people have realized, the city council sure hasn't, but with the city attorney's ridiculous ruling where they changed the meaning of the word shall to usurp the schools boards authority, that the city council has gone along with, but we have anointed Lenny Curry king of Jacksonville.

Now Curry can do whatever he wants, sell the JEA, give away schools to charters, demolish buildings etc. etc. etc as long as he can get the city attorney, who is beholden to him for his job to reinterpret a statute here and change the meanings of words there.

Some people might be saying he would never do anything like that. He would never go around the will of the people. Well three months ago who would have thought he would fight tooth and nail against whats good for the city on behalf of a handful of his mega donors.

The referendum would undoubtedly create jobs, attract businesses, raise property values and revitalize neighborhoods, and stop or slow the flight to the suburbs, you know things every mayor is supposed to want.

Who would have thought the city council, supposedly a group of bright folks would go along with the city attorney changing the meaning of words and ignoring statute to take control of our schools?

Pandora's box is open and who knows what is going to come out next? My bet is a large swathe of the city will feel betrayed by whatever it is.

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