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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

The school board has tried to do everything right and it hasn't mattered.

Community meetings, about 20, check including one where they obviously listened to the Raines and Ribault Community.

Questions answered by the mayor, lots of questions.

They didn't leave the city council out either.

They even spelled out what charters would be eligible for. []

And now they have a master plan with the board voting 5-1 for it tonight.

Involve the community, check, answer the mayor and city councils questions, check, included charters in their plans, check, have a master plan, check. Things should be smooth sailing right? The sad thing is we all know it won't be because Lenny Curry isn't interested in doing anything to help our schools. He is comfortable seeing them crumble.

Friends, we have a mail which is more interested in seeing schools fail rather than succeed and that should make us all angry.

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