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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Duval for profit charter schools rake in millions in maintenance money while its public schools crumble.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the KIPP school raked in the most money. They have a gift for taking in public money.

Below are the PECO (maintenance and construction) allocations from the state for the 18-19 school year to the districts charter schools.

Image may contain: text

I didn't go through everyone one of them to see if they were for profit or not, but the Charter Schools USA schools are definitely run by a for profit company and they took in a little over 3.1 million dollars in PECO funds. That is public money spent on a for profit companies property. That was also only 7 schools too, while all of Duval's public schools, all 168 of them, recieved a little over 2.6 million in PECO dollars.

I hope you have let that sink it.

Now DCPS can raise money through millage to pay for maintenance just Tallahassee has severely limited the amount of money it can raise.

Is this what we should be doing? Why is crony capitalism and picking winners and losers only bad if democrats do it?

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  1. Listening to councilwoman Jacoby Pittman today on first coast connect I thought I heard Lenny Curry's talking points. She's all for the referendum in 2020 as long as specific questions are answered to her satisfaction. Questions that have already been answered. She just doesn't like the answers.

    Ms. Pittman is also in charge of the Clara White mission whose funding was cut by thr city. Curiously she failed to criticize the mayor's office for doing so. Now she's dependent on the kindness of strangers to make up that shortfall. I wonder if those donations will come with strings attached? No conflict of interest there. This whole thing wreaks like a bad 3rd grade play.