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Sunday, July 28, 2019

Rory Diamond's day job pays six figures, his night job involves robbing children

Rory Diamond's day job is working for K9 for warriors. A service program that pairs up dogs with service members suffering from PTSD. I think this is a great cause, I think we should do all we can for our veterans. Rory is also pretty well compensated for his job taking home 217,000 dollars according to their most recent tax returns.

I hope people realize there is big money in non-profits. The Y guy takes home 330,000. Trey Csar when he worked for JPEF managing a dozen people took home 159 grand. Darryl Willie made six figures running the local TFA office too.

Sure non profits are important, though some are more important than others, but teachers are important too and I guaranty you 95 percent of them work harder and longer than Mr. Diamond.

Maybe I am a bit jaded, I will start my 19th year as a teacher this Wednesday and I won't make 50,000. A teacher on my step 12 years ago had about six grand more in buying power than I do now.
Salaries and spending on education in Florida have gone backwards over the last decade.

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It's really a travesty, we should all be embarrassed.

Veterans are important and should be taken care, but our children are important and should be taken care of too. How doesn't Diamond get that?

You know I probably wouldn't care that Diamond's day job pays him 217k, I want everyone to do well, but the thing is he is fighting against giving children what they need and deserve and despite his day job, that is unacceptable.

Him being a well off white guy fighting against children, many of who are minority and poor getting what they should, kind of sticks in my craw too.

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