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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Did Ju'Coby pittman make a deal with the devil, err mayor, to fight against the sales tax referendum.

This post was inspired by the following comment left by a reader,

Listening to councilwoman Jacoby Pittman today on first coast connect I thought I heard Lenny Curry's talking points. She's all for the referendum in 2020 as long as specific questions are answered to her satisfaction. Questions that have already been answered. She just doesn't like the answers.

Ms. Pittman is also in charge of the Clara White mission whose funding was cut by thr city. Curiously she failed to criticize the mayor's office for doing so. Now she's dependent on the kindness of strangers to make up that shortfall. I wonder if those donations will come with strings attached? No conflict of interest there. This whole thing wreaks like a bad 3rd grade play.

Oy vey, so I listened to her on the first coast connect program,

You should really listen to her fumble for answers at about the 12 minute mark.

You know she was appointed by Rick Scott to the City Council before inexplicably winning a seat.

I want to pause real quick and just say Jacksonville Sucks, as a populace we vacillate from willfully uninformed to apathetic. Most people who vote R do so reflexively even if it is against their self interests and most people who vote D, don't unless it is a big national election and then bitch about how bad the city has become.

Back to Pittman, so she may not care about our public schools to begin with, she wouldn't be the only D not to do so, Just look at Kimberly Daniels. She isn't just a pretend democrat she is a corrupt one, or so the ethics office keeps saying over and over again, too. 

So the city cuts the Clara White Mission's budget and Pittman shrugs her shoulders, but that school board better come correct with reams of data, and answers to whatever questions no matter how obtuse or how many times answered and they better do so with hat in hand. 

Is there some quid pro quo, fight against the school referendum and we'll get you back later? I don't know but this is Jacksonville and that is how the sausage is made here. 

I will give Mrs Pittman one Kudo, she takes home only 94 thousand dollars as director of the mission, most non profit directors and Eric Mann I am looking at you and your 330 thousand Y salary, take home a lot more.

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