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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Lenny Curry and the City Council approve 1.2 million for a medium sized business while pleading poverty to help its public schools.

One of the reasons Lenny Curry has given for not wanting the special election for the tax referendum is the cost, probably around a million dollars. He and several city council members have complained despite the district saying they would pay for it and if it passed this November it would save about 5 million dollars.

They complain about costs while spending like drunken sailors on the Landing, and this.

From the Jax Daily Record, 

Chill Build Jacksonville LLC is ready to construct a $43.5 million Preferred Freezer Services facility in Northwest Jacksonville, with a permit and mortgage issued over the past week. 

Preferred Freezer Services, a national refrigerated storage warehouse company, proposes to create at least 40 jobs. 

City Council adopted legislation Feb. 12 to provide $1.2 million in grants to Preferred Freezer Services of Jacksonville II LLC for the project. The project would create the jobs, at an average annual wage of $47,775, by year-end 2021.

Create 40 jobs for a 43 million dollar facility? That sounds great, but it also sounds like a drop in the bucked to what the tax referendum would create.

The mayor and city council are willing to spend 1.2 million to create 40 jobs but they aren't willing to let the school board spend a million to bring in 1.2 billion which would create jobs, fix schools, increase property values, revitalize neighborhoods, attract more businesses and stop flight to the suburbs. Friends they hate public schools so much they are willing to let them crumble and are refusing to do their jobs. Think about that!

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