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Thursday, July 18, 2019

IDEA coming with 12 schools starting in 2022

Um what?!?

After Bowman said IDEA planned to bring 15 schools to Jacksonville and the media had reported 4 and in an exchange with board chair Hershey they said 6 I decided to ask IDEA and their response was a little troubling.

Here it is,

Mr. Guerrieri,

Thank you for reaching out. We are indeed coming to Jacksonville, starting in 2022, though we are only set on launching 12 schools.

I hope this is helpful.


Here is a link to where they told the Times Union they were bringing just six,

Deep breaths, deep breaths, wooshaw wooshaw...

I have to say Dan got back to me quick. Don't expect that from the City Council and I want to give him the benefit of the doubt that maybe things changed since his interview with the Times Union, I mean who could have predicted the massive resistance to our school from the mayor and council. they may have said, 6, heck  lets do 12, if things work out with the council there won't be much of DCPS left by then and we might have a tax windfall

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