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Friday, July 26, 2019

Micheal Boylan's irrelevant questions. I guess we should be grateful he didn't demand a proportional share for charter schools.

I am going to try and answer all of the city council's questions no matter how ridiculous, frivolous or already answered.  My answers will be in bold.

• Council Member Michael Boylan, District 6 

1. Does DCPS have a comprehensive campaign plan in hand which will effectively motivate a sufficient number of voters to vote in the affirmative so as to assure the positive outcome we all want to see? If so please provide a brief summary of the campaign messaging and dissemination plan. Irrelevant

2. Who is managing the campaign? Irrelevant

3. What is the projected cost of the campaign and how will it be funded? Irrelevant

Do you see what Boylon is doing here? He is moving the goal post putting another requirement on the school board. All his questions are irrelevant. Greene passed a sales tax referendum and a millage increase at her last job which seems to indicate she knows what she is doing. Furthermore 70 percent for the city in a UNF poll support the referendum.  

Boylon is new so he might not know it but the school board does not work for the city council. Is he going to bow down to the SB when the city tries to sell JEA probably not so why does he expect the SB to bow down to him?

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