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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

It's time for the school board to sue.

From today's meeting,

City Council, what did OPPAGA say about your plans?

School Board, sorry we haven't asked them because we can't until the referendum has been approved.

City Council, well we won't consider approving your referendum until OPPAGA (the Office of Program Policy and Government Accountability) weighs in.

School District, well they can't weigh in until the referendum has been approved. It's kind of the law.

City council, we aren't approving it until they do, takes bite of an apple.

School District oh for %$#@s sake, lets sue

The last line was what I would wish the SB would say.

There is nothing the board can do which will appease Bowman who is on record saying he wants to replace our public schools with charters. Nothing.

If, lots of letters government advisory body, would have weighed in he would have wanted something else. Unless the board goes okay we will give our schools to charters and all the tax money to, the referendum isn't going anywhere and its time we stopped pretending it might.

The board should be applauded for trying to go through the process despite the deck being stacked against them They should be, but it should be obvious by now that this is over.

It's time to get the lawyers involved.

1 comment:

  1. It looks like Lenny didn't have to wait to a year to revise the city's charter so he could get an appointed school board full of charter school cronies. All he had to do to usurp the school board's constitutionally protected authority was to have his good buddy general counsel Jason Gabriel write some bogus non-binding opinion. How this would hold up in a court of law I'm not sure. His interpretation of the word "shall" not to mention the city's authority over a duly elected school board reads like a bad Nancy Drew novel.

    Looks like it's xmas come early for the 4th floor in City Hall! I hope they enjoy the AC up there. Those kids they claim to care about will not. Break open the champagne boys!!