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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

How does somebody as ignorant as Rory Diamond get elected to the city council? (rough draft)

This past fall when the beaches had a choice between anti-public education businessman Nick Howland and teacher Elizabeth Anderson, the beaches overwhelmingly chose Anderson. Yet somehow Diamond was elected to the city council and this past Tuesday he showed how ignorant and corrupt he was.

From Florida Politics,
Rory Diamond, who introduced the motion, noted that the Finance deferral meant that the bill was deferred, “not structured to move along.”
Diamond is concerned about enrollment declines, “school choice” and the overall costs of the plan, questions echoed by the portion of the donor class represented by the Jacksonville Civic Council.
“The only place I see kids getting a chance,” Diamond said, is a charter school, not a public school.
The only place kids are getting a chance is charter schools, let that sit in.
Mr. Diamond represents the beaches area which has not just some of the best schools in the city but in the state. I feel like those kids are getting a chance. Those are schools by the way that would benefit from the referendum.
Diamond doesn't care about facts or decency for that matter, and why should he when his doors reward him for bashing our public schools.  
At about the hour seven mark Diamond started to speak from what was apparently a set of talking points provided by the civic council. He spoke fondly of the the kids in charter schools complaining that the district hasn't provided charters public money for construction or equipment which is not their job by the way. That's like Winn Dixie demanding Public provide them their meat.
Then he demanded a guaranty to share tax money with charters (something the district has said they plan to do over and over) saying the only place that kids get a chance are in public charter schools ,saying he would die on that mountain.
This is what we are fighting against, people who despite tons of evidence to the contrary think are schools or failures that and people who are paid to say it.  Diamond is either ignorant, corrupt or both,

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