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Friday, July 26, 2019

Nobody on the city Council is more disappointing than Tommy Hazouri and his questions for the school board show it.

I am going to try and answer all of the city council's questions no matter how ridiculous, frivolous or already answered.  My answers will be in bold.

 Council Vice President Tommy Hazouri, At-Large Group 3 

1. I have heard three different projections on the District’s student enrollment for each year, and the next several years. One from the District, the next from Charter school advocates, and the other from the State. The question, how do we determine the most reliable numbers as construction of new schools, consolidation of old schools, and renovations and additions to existing schools directly impact the costs and necessity of the entire proposal? Sigh, the state and the civic council can't be taken seriously enrollment they are ride or die about charter schools. If the district reinvigorates its schools student loss will slow and may even reverse as it did in Manatee county 

2. I have and have always been an advocate of the present, more stricter safety code for our schools. The charters are advocating the State’s newly adopted uniform safety code. What is the difference in each requirement, i.e. the State’s uniform code, and the District’s present code? This is online, its been discussed everywhere, since he couldn't be bothered to look it up he could start here.  

3. Does the District expect to contribute any sales tax dollars collected to the Charter schools? If so, how will this be determined? What percentage? And, will it go to leased charter schools, or charter owned schools, or both? Are you $#%^ing kidding me? The district has said over and over again how they will share with charters  

Hazouri asks questions that have been answered over and over again? I am not sure if they are proof his faculties are fading or he has sold out to the civic council or both.    

If he doesn't want people to think he has sold out, then he shouldn't act as if he has.

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