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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Council president Scott Wilson sheds his aww shucks attitude as he goes for the school boards Jugular

Since Wilson became council president he has had an ahh shucks I am just a country lawyer demeanor, but he shed it as he went for the school boards jugular  in a Facebook post.

No photo description available.No photo description available.
Um does Wilson not know that each school district is made up of two council districts? That council district 4 is combined with council district 5 to form school board district 3. People were invited to meetings in their school districts, there was not some conspiracy to exclude district 4 as Wilson implies.

I can answer the councilman's questions and I will start about why some of the schools have been picked for replacement and others just for refurbishing. It's because the school construction index says some schools need renovations and other schools need to be rebuilt and just because he went and looked around for a few minutes it doesn't make him some kind of expert.

He was told changes were made because of public comment? Well it did change because of public comment. The district has tried very hard to involve the public something the city council should try every once in a while.

If the referendum passes this fall it will save 5 million dollars, make our schools safer and slow down wear and tear on some of our most run down schools, isn't that worth risking a million dollars.

Furthermore the Times Union just printed his questions.

Wouldn't it be nice if Wilson asked questions about the murder rate, coastline drive, the landing, and fire station number 5?

You ever know somebody who is ignorant about a subject but they insist on droning on about it like they know something? That's Wilson. He is way out of his depth but that hasn't stopped him from spouting off. This is going to be a long and inept year with him in charge of the council.

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