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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Lenny Curry wants to privatize our schools and JEA

What will the public have left.

JEA has long been one of the jewels of the city, a locally owned utility that provided for the people that Lenny Curry now wants to sale to the highest bidder.

Look we can all point to the nuclear fiasco that has cost us and will continue to cost us millions, but who is to say if JEA was privatized they wouldn't have made the same decision.

Capitalism and competition are not always the best answer and I would prefer assets that serve the public good remain in the public hands.

Over 300 charter schools have opened and closed in Florida alone costing us untold millions of dollars, why would we want to expand them? We should be reigning them in making sure they are both innovative and financially wise, but like with JEA Curry wants to sell our schools and hope for the best.

Would Curry have won if the people of Jax knew he was going to fight against our schools and wants to sell JEA something he can probably now do on his own if he gets his personal attorney to make a ruling that he can.

What if getting the city attorney to change the meaning and statutes and words to usurp the school boards authority was only just practice to see if the city council would go along and accept it, to see if he could get away with it.

What if his real agenda all along was the privatization of JEA and now that the board has allowed him to get away with ignoring statutes and the meaning of words it's full speed ahead. 

He's picking a lot of fights in a short amount of time.

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