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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Ron Salem's "come on man" questions

I am going to try and answer all of the city council's questions no matter how ridiculous, frivolous or already answered.  My answers will be in bold.

• Council Member Ron Salem, At-Large Group 2 

1. Why is the decrease in enrollment in the Master Facility Plan substantially different from trends over the last several years? How will enrollment numbers be monitored so the Master Facility Plan can be revised, if necessary? If there are not new charters then there won't be much charter growth. Then at a recent meeting the superintendent mentioned city growth and how that will assure DCPS maintains or perhaps grows their enrollment, something Manatee County did after they passed their referendum. It's a 15 year plan, there will be revisions.  

2. Who will provide oversight to the implementation of the Master Facility Plan? What are the credentials of the members? Will an Operations Committee and a Finance Committee be established? They have said they will have an over site committee, I imagine the council would like it packed with charter and business interests.   

3. How will Charter Schools be funded beyond the security commitment already discussed? This question has been answered over and over, charters will be able to ask for money on a needs basis.

4. Where will the Florida Uniform Building Code be utilized in construction/renovation? Sigh, Superintendent Greene has said numerous times that they will use the code when prudent. Why do so many council members want them to go on the cheap especially with children involved.  

It's a 15 year, 1.2 billion dollar plan to serve 160 schools, 113 thousand students and 14 thousand staff members. It would be impossible to have every detail. Come on man! 

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