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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Did you know KIPP got 631,000 in Duval County Cash

They also got an extra two million inserted in the state budget by Jason Fischer who has taken wheel barrels full of cash like Lenny Curry has from Gary Chartrand.

Lenny Curry has said we don't have money for a special tax referendum despite the facts DCPS said they would pay for it and it would save 5 million dollars if it passes this November, but we have 631,000 extra to send to his donors pet charter school? For $#%^ sake.

The KIPP school rakes in tax payer money hand over fist and the Civic Council and Mayor are fighting aginst needed money for our public schools so they can get an even bigger piece of the pie. Their greed knows no bounds.

Friends we aren't be led by Mayor Curry we are being ruled by him as he only answers to his donors.

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