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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

How much money has the Civic Council given Lenny Curry? It's a lot!

Did you know that CC members Baker and Chartrand, in addition to having close ties to charter schools and fighting against the tax referendum have given Curry's campaign thousands of dollars, and gave his super pac Jacksonville on the Rise, tens of thousands of dollars.

Civic Council Members- Curry campaign and Pac Donations
Douglas Baer- 2,500
John Baker- 3,000- 75,000
Edward Burr- 1,000- 4,000
Gary Chartrand- 2,000 - 50,000
Tim Cost- 1,000
Susan Wiles- 1,000- 500
Steven Halverson- 1,000
Preston Haskell- 2,000- 10.000
Rusty Newton- 2,500
Peter Rummell- 2.000- 50,000

I just wanted to leave this right here as well.
from the most recent tax returns available on guidestar one of the three charities that take care of the KIPP school.


Unless the City attorney changed the meaning of the word due, that money is owed to Baker and Chartrand.

The fight against the referendum isn't an idealistic policy debate, it is about the greed of several rich donors and a mayor willing to do their bidding, and noting else.

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