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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Highlights of today's dueling school board and city council meetings, sales tax referendum edition

City Council

Various members, if only we could get them to answer a few more questions.

Hazouri, even if this goes to court, and the court says we shouldn't be involved, we should still micro manages the school board, who I love and think should be in charge of our schools by the way.

Leanne Cumber, I don't want the school boards great credit rating messing up our less than great credit rating, if only there was somebody we could ask who would know?

Um, okay moving on.

Salem, well if we do have an election we have to have oversea ballots available ( sigh,that becomes dumb reason 312 the city council has tried to use).

City Attorney Gabriel, I plan to have a real ruling by April 12th, you know when it would be impossible for them to get the initiative on the ballot, wink wink, takes bite of apple.

Carluuci, as halo appears above his head, how about safety friends, I thought we were at least supposed to pretend we care about safety ( I kid a bit, he has been a champ) .

Diamond, “The only place I see kids getting a chance,” Diamond said, is a charter school, not a public school. okay he said that at the last meeting but we should never forget he said it.

Wilson, Ahh shucks folks, if we could just get them to answer some questions.

School Board

Hershey, this has developed into a moral imperative where aren't just fighting for our students and our board but for every board and student in Florida.

Joyce, come on guys, lets not fight against city hall

Jones, if we don't do something then there is no way the referendum will be on the ballot. They are purposely stalling.

Joyce, come on guys, lets not fight against city hall

Hershey, I have been to 30 meetings and it hasn't been enough, they purposely are stalling.

Joyce, come on guys, lets not fight against city hall

Anderson, lets have an amendment that says we only move forward with a special counsel if the city attorney and city council continue to purposely stall.

Joyce, come on guys, lets not fight against city hall

The rest of the board including Willie,

A special thanks to Emily Bloch and David Bauerline's twitter feeds.

1 comment:

  1. Charlotte Joyce has battered wife & Stockholm syndrome. If we're nice to them and answer all their questions and give them all the sales tax $$ then we can get this on next year's ballot. Mayor probably wants to combine it with a proposed JEA sale. Smh