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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Mayor Curry's disingenuous remarks about children

Did he chuckle to himself as he wrote his remarks? 

We have a mayor who lies as easily as I breath, he's like Trump without the orange tan.

Below is what he said at his inauguration and who wants to bet the over under of the cost was low six figures?

Warning don't read with milk in your mouth.

From the Times Union,

Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry repeatedly called for protecting young people from crime and giving “every kid” an equal chance for success as he took the oath of office Monday for a second term.
The themes of Curry’s speech reflected two of the biggest issues he’ll face over the next four years — the Duval County School Board’s push for a referendum on a half-cent sales tax for schools and the violent crime rate that continues to be far higher in Duval County than other urban counties...
...How that vision will mesh with the School Board remains unclear.
Curry pledged he will pursue his second-term initiatives with “urgency,” a word School Board members likewise use for the need to overhaul aging facilities by bringing a “21st Century” model to schools across the city.
The School Board is scheduled Tuesday night to consider approving Superintendent Diana Greene’s recommendation for a $1.9 billion master facilities plan. The plan covers a host of schools, but its main focus is aging schools that are clustered most heavily in parts of the city with struggling neighborhoods.
The School Board voted May 7 to put the referendum on the ballot Nov. 5 in a special election, but the board is awaiting a decision by City Council, which has ultimate authority over whether there is a referendum, according to city lawyers.
Curry said last week he stands ready to campaign for voter approval of a half-cent sales tax if he’s convinced the school district’s plan is financially prudent, well thought out and includes charter schools.
He says he has a sense of urgency for children, Urgency, URGENCY!!!! Unless you child attends a DCPS school, then he could care less, then they are nothing pawns in his plan to get more money for charter schools. 
I just want to remind everyone once again, the school board does not work for the mayor and it took a corrupt or incompetent city attorney changing the meaning of the word shall for us to get here.

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