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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Civic Council member Tom Baker makes bank selling land to local charter school

In 2004 Tom Baker bought some land near the beach for 875k.  In 2013 the Seaside Charter school moved into the property.

Earlier this year Baker sold the property to them for 1.1 million which is a profit of 225k.

Okay that's a nice but not a huge profit but charter schools owners don't make their money from selling land, they make their money from renting land and that's what Baker did to the Seaside charter school for six years.

Now I asked how much the Seaside Charter school paid in rent but they did not get back to me and since I didn't feel like holding my breath waiting for them to do so, I did some digging and where I didn't find the exact amount, I did find that according to their 18-19 budget they spent 433,000 dollars on their facilities.  How much of that went for rent? It's my bet it was enough to make the deal even sweeter for Baker.

This is yet another money making relationship between a member of the civic council, the organization with the help of the city council attempting to extort 250 million dollars of public money from our schools, and a charter school and who wants to bet we have just scratched the surface?

1 comment:

  1. I see where Seaside bought it for a million dollars from JDB LLC

    But when I look to see when JDB LLC bought the land, I get this. JDB LLC did buy some land in 2004 but for only $350,000.

    I am having a hard time match up the property.